​​Walt Reiner has experience in real estate investments, as well as appraising both residential and commercial properties. He and his wife, Lois, manage properties in several counties.

Commercial Industrial Investment Brokerage

​Looking to buy or sell a property? Our experienced brokers can help you get the best deals in Ohio.

​​Topsoil Direct
We grind our own topsoil on-site, which allows for greater control over soil grade and composition. For information on our daily offerings, call our offices at (614) 882-0800.

Historic Restoration

If you have a historic property you'd like to renovate, look no further than the successes on our page. From log homes to apartment buildings, Reiner Realty has the technical know-how to make your restoration a success.

Property Management

Not only to we manage our own properties, but we have the capacity to manage others', as well. Give us a call if you're in need of a property manager.

Commercial Properties

With four decades of experience, Reiner Realty has the background and know-how to make sure your rental property is exactly what your business needs to grow.

Site Selection

Looking for a good spot to set up your business? Let our experienced realtor help! Reiner Realty has a long history of helping businesses succeed in new locations.

Our Services

Reiner Realty

and Consultants, Inc.


With current tenants ranging from fashion retail to specialty restaurants, Reiner Realty is sure to have the space that you've been looking for. 

We can even remodel our units to suit your company's specific needs!

Check out our rental properties below.


Looking to buy, sell, or develop a property? Walt has years of experience in determining the value of commercial and industrial properties. 

For example, Walt appraised the federal industrial park below (photo courtesy of this site).


​We can help you along every step of the real estate development process--from buying raw land to renovating existing properties. We have built an industrial park, residential subdivisions, an auto repair garage, car lots, and shopping centers, as well as rehabed apartments.

Hands-on experience is useful in evaluating real estate for buyers and for advising sellers.